Meet The Stylists

Meet the Mother/Daughter Team of Stylists

Daryl Conner is a certified Petcare Dermatech Specialist, Master Pet Stylist, Meritus and Certified Master Cat Groomer. She serves as Vice President of the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America. Daryl writes monthly articles for Groomer to Groomer Magazine, and a popular grooming blog, Hair of the Dog, on She is the author of the book, Practical Grooming Tips, and co-author of Holistic Pet Grooming, which has been nominated for a Barkleigh Award. She is the recipient of the coveted 2005 Cardinal Crystal award for Journalism and the ’06 and ‘07 award for Congeniality, and the 2013 Barkleigh award for writing. Daryl has been making dogs and cats more comfortable and beautiful for 37 years.

Rachel Goff has been critiquing her mother’s grooming skills since she was old enough to talk.  She is a lifetime member of the Intellectual Groomers Association and is currently in the process of completing her Master Stylist certification. Rachel began brushing and bathing dogs as her first job at age 15 and has been involved in the grooming industry on and off (mostly on!) ever since. She came to FairWinds to help after Daryl injured her shoulder and the two had so much fun working together, she stayed.

This dynamic team offers a unique experience for clients. Each pet is groomed from start to finish beginning the moment they arrive, and most are done in about 1 hour. A complete groom includes two shampoos, a conditioning treatment, ear cleaning, nail trimming, complete brush out, fluff dry and style. We use the highest quality products available to help pets look and feel amazing.

Owners are invited to relax in a rocking chair, have a hot beverage and a home baked goodie while they wait. Drop off service is also available.

*Pandemic protocol has us picking pets up curbside and returning them to your car when the groom is completed. Please call (207) 785-4333 for more information.


Daryl Conner with cat and dog